DX 45627 GOLD/3


Size : 25x40 cm

Packing : 10pcs/cartoon = 1m2

For more detailed information, please watch this video :


Rosy Gold & Silver Ceramic is Premium Product with high quality which give you beauty and elegance at the same time.

This product also guaranteed by good endurance quality of Gold & Silver decoration, so it will not be faded if washed by bathroom liquid washer.

Its endurance also tested under sunlight over period of time, yet it still showing the same quality of Gold & Silver Decoration.

The product already examined under laboratory test based on Indonesia National Certification Method & ISO, and its proven to have good endurance quality, with below results :

Abrasion Resistance : 300 cycles

Scratch Resistance : 3 Scala Mohs

Acid & Alkali Low Concentration : Passed

Acid & Alkali High Concentration : Passed